a puzzle game that makes people aware of every decision, action or behavior they make changes their future.
A long time ago, there was a dog and a princess they lived happily in the castle. One day, a dragon kidnapped the princess. The dog went to save his princess from the dragon, but he failed. Sadly, the dragon killed the princess. The dog was sad. He decided he wanted to find the world famous magician who can control the time. The magician told him that there was a magic spell that allowed him to go back in time when the princess had just been taken and told him that every decision that the dog made would change the future. The magic spell was cast and the dog was sent back in time, and the story was rewritten.

Group Members: Aimee Abalos, Chie Li Lin, Sun Chu Yi


iPhone, iPad, Android


Unity (Isometric)


Game Developer
Game Designer


Goal: Rescue the princess.

1. Only move “up”, “down”, “left” or “right”.
2. Move one step at a time.
3. The trigger points may affect the current map,
and can also affect the next map’s objects.

Win Loss Ratio

Balancing Analysis

Map 1 Ratio
Map 2 Ratio
Map 3 Ratio


Level Design


Be Careful
where you walk

The game that we create plan to symbolize how the future has been changed base on our current behaviors

User Test

Average: 20 steps
Fastest: 14 steps