FILTR Intranet
offers confidential information and data that is accessible by all VN members of FILTR team.
It supports user interactive interface and dynamic VN activities such as city search, text encryption and decryption, weather forecast and postal address lookup in Google map.
Designed & Developed by:
Elaine Abalos

Flash, Dreamweaver, Yahoo Weather Forecast API

Home Page

1. Displays current date, time & current humidity level of the selected city
2. Enables city name autocomplete in the search engine
3. Search and update the information of the city
4. Weather forecasting
5. Display short description of the current weather condition
6. Indicates the highest and lowest temperature of the day according to Yahoo Weather.
7. Refresh encrypt and decrypt text

Image Gallery

1. Displays set of small thumbnails and reflects a full-size image in the carousel

Contact Us

1. Displays a Google map that is capable of tracking the current location 2. Search for a certain location with valid address 3. Encryption and decryption of contact details